The Best SEO Company In Delaware? Scarlet SEO Review

What is SEO?

So first off let’s cover what seo actually is. SEO, otherwise known as “search engine optimization” is a form of internet marketing. SEO determines which website shows up in the top of the google search rankings for a specific keyword. Say for instance if you were to search for “Delaware SEO Expert” the list of organic search results that show up would be the direct result of the seo done to each specific website and page. So you should already see how impactful this can be for a business.

search engine optimization


So the common debate when it comes to search engine optimization is whether it is more effective than paid ads, like Google Adwords. Well to answer this we will have to reference the numbers. The paid ads in google search get about 10% of the clicks, while the number one organic search result gets about 30-40% of the clicks, meaning that having the number one spot is 3 to 4 times more advantageous for a business than paying for an ad slot. And not to mention, seo is usually cheaper than paying for advertisements, so it is better on both fronts.

Choosing the best seo company

So let’s say you are in Delaware, and you are looking for the best seo company around to help your business rank in google. Well this articles review is going to be on one of those options, which is a company called Scarlet SEO. Scarlet SEO is an up and coming seo company that has already gotten ranks for numerous businesses nationwide, not to mention they offer not one but three different types of seo service plans, so there is one to fit every need.

Wix Tutorial and Review – Right Spot Reviews

So in today’s day and age there are countless ways to build a website from scratch all on your own. There are so many in fact that sometimes picking one can be overwhelming. People get stuck in what is known as “analysis paralysis”. Then what happens is they end up doing nothing. In this review we are going to try and prevent that from happening to you.


In today’s review we will be reviewing the site creation software known as Wix. Wix is a very user friendly turnkey software that allows even the utmost beginner to build a website with complete and relative ease. Wix using a very simple drag and drop site creation model, so no coding or html knowledge is required!

So why use Wix ever say WordPress or Joomla? Well each one of these platforms has their advantages. But the advantage of Wix is that it is probably the easiest one of them all to use. And luckily, there are numerous Wix tutorial for beginners out there! And better yet, they are free! And they walk you through step by step until your site is up and running successfully!